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2000 Advanced Tour Album, 6-11 September

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August 2000: Thad and Betty join us for the challenging Advanced Tour.

day 1
Thad and Betty on their way through Saxeten. A steep climb ahead!


the Renggli Pass
The weather clears for a beautiful view of Lake Brienz.

breakfast at Mittelberg
Homemade cheese, homemade butter, homemade jam -- a real Swiss farmer's breakfast!


The steep ascent was worth the effort! What a view of the Blumisalp mountain range!

picture perfect
Strolling through farmland with friendly Swiss cows.


the Kiene River
A gentle walk down the Kiental valley. A refreshing stop for tired feet!

chocolate break
Taking a breather. The "Wilderfrau" behind.


please pass the salt!
Shephard Betty!?

the Sefinenfurke Pass
Betty, Thad, and Andrew. Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau.


Poggangen Alp
Last look at the Rotstockhutte.

waterfall spray
Chance for a shower!


are we there yet?
Nearing the high point of the day. Betty approaches Andrew and Thad as they admire the "Jungfrau".

fantastic weather
On our final traverse. What a view! "Breithorn" at the end of the valley.


ice cold stream
Thad cools steamy feet on long descent. "Hurry up! Can't stand it any longer!"

the swamp cooler
The lower Schmadribach Falls. Refreshingly cool and damp.


Berghaus Trachsellauenen
Home at last! Relaxing on the terrace, enjoying cold beers and sodas (and homemade tart!).

Pictures are taken with an Olympus Camedia D-360L digital camera and uploaded to our web site during the tours.
Photo Album page

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