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2000 Basic Tour Album, 27-31 August

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August 2000: Amber, Jeff, Judith, and Kathy joined us for the basic tour on August 27th, 2000.

Andrew, Kathy, Judith, Amber, and Jeff
In front of the Blumisalp Hotel in Kandersteg. We are ready to go!


cow kiss
Andrew reuniting with his old girlfriend.

a walk in the park
Kathy skips effortlessly up to Oeschinensee. Amber and Judith tag along.


we're going where??
Kathy, Judith, Miya, Amber and Jeff anticipate their ascent to the Blumisalp Hut.

day hike
Jeff and Kathy enjoy beautiful waterfalls on their day hike from Oeschinensee.


Swiss chocolate commercial
Lunch time!! Serenaded by cowbells, watching climbers on the Doldenhorn behind.

time for relaxation
Mallory's body found again in Switzerland. (Or is that Judith?!?)


safety first!
Judith, Amber, and Jeff demonstrate effective use of the hand cables.

what a view!
The group on their way to the Blumisalp Hut. Oeschinensee behind.


outdoor dining
A cozy, sheltered lunch spot.

this is a Hut?
Bundled up in Blumisalp Hut blankets at 2830 m.


view looking down from the Blumisalp Hut
Clouds clearing over Kandersteg.

rain gear in action
Geared up for our steep descent to Kiental.


on the Ruederigsgrat
Jeff and Amber on a challenging day hike from Kiental.

The Ruederigsgrat Hut with Kiental in the valley below.


dinner a la Bart
Another incredible meal at Hotel Chalet in Kiental!

Pictures are taken with an Olympus Camedia D-360L digital camera and uploaded during the tours.
Photo Album page

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