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2000 Basic Tour Album, 1-5 September

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August 2000:The Basic Tour continues with Amber, Jeff, Judith, and Kathy.

the ascent
Judith, Jeff, and Amber on their way up to the Sefinenfurke Pass.


wild flowers
Andrew and Kathy wading through monk's hood.

suffering the Sefinenfurke
Finally nearing the top! Amber and Jeff ascend the last staircase.


Final descent to the Rotstock Hut.

dessert at the Rotstock Hut
These Swiss maps are incredible!


dormitory living
Judith watches over her flock at the Rotstock.

chocolate break
A welcomed, sheltered break during our descent into the Sefinental (valley).


the high route
Miya and Kathy have a fireside lunch on their way to Obersteinberg.

great legs!
Kathy meets Jungfrau Marathon runner, Christoph. View of the Schmadribach Falls behind.


a little snack before dinner
Miya and a mountain of meringue with fresh cream at Obersteinberg.

ready for rain
Miya and Kathy outside the hotel at Obersteinberg.


Kathy and Andrew in front of the lower Schmadribach Falls.

nice hair!!
An encounter with a handsome billy goat. (Do you smell old goat cheese?)


best dressed hiker
Evening gowns required when posing with walking pole!

Pictures are taken with an Olympus Camedia D-360L digital camera and uploaded to our web site during the tours.
Photo Album page

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