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2001 Basic Tour Album, 2-10 September

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September 2001: Adeline (U.S.A.), Danny (U.S.A.), Wendy (U.S.A.), Paul (Holland) and Daniel (Switzerland) joined us for the basic tour on September 2, 2001. Marcia (U.S.A.)and Jerry (U.S.A.) joined us in Kiental on September 6, 2001.

Good weather! Paul, Daniel, Andrew, Danny and Adeline with the Blumisalp Mts. behind.


Paul and Andrew remembering old times.

Andrew, Wendy, Paul, Daniel, Danny
A footbridge on the way to the Frunden Hut.


ibex treks
Danny disguises himself to attract ibex!

deep snow
Adeline near the Hohturli Pass.


Adeline, Danny, Wendy, Miya, Paul
The last ascent before reaching the cozy hut!

descending in powder
The steep descent made easier in the deep snow. Danny and Wendy lead the way.


Adeline, Danny, Wendy, Andrew
The group catching negative ions by the Dundenbach waterfall.

descent of the cows
Cows on their way down the valley for the winter.


On your marks! Danny ready for his quick ascent to the Sefinenfurke Pass.

the Rotstock Hut
Last few meters to the Rotstock Hut.


happy, cozy group
Wood stove, cold beer, and special Rotstock coffee!

more snow
Waking up to more snow! Leaving the hut for the descent into the valley.


Wendy, Danny, Andrew, Adeline
Obersteinberg just behind us.

the reward
Andrew and Wendy enjoy enormous helpings of tart.


Adeline enjoys the views from Hotel Obersteinberg.

Danny, Miya, Wendy, Adeline, Jerry
Snow at the Oberhornsee. No swimmers today!


On a snowfield going towards the Schmadri Hut.

the view
Jerry and Marcia admiring the view across the valley with Andrew.


Wendy and Danny with spectacular views on the way to the Schmadri Hut.!

The group enjoying shelter for lunch at the Schmadri Hut.


descent to Trachsellauenen
Cow #6646 joins the group for a hike. Where's Adeline?!?

Pictures are taken with an Olympus Camedia D-360L digital camera and uploaded during the tours.
Photo Album page

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