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2003 Scenic Tour Album, 3-12 August

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August 2003: Paul, Joanne, Christoph, Jim, Cheryl, Ian, Riane, Sagan, John, Melissa, Daniel, Brigitte, Thomas and Birgit joined us (Andrew and Miya) for the Scenic tour in August 2003.

the group
The group, geared up and ready, on their way to Oeschinensee.


Christoph and cow
Christoph is greeted by a friendly cow at Oeschinensee Lake.

Miya and Brigitte
Miya and Brigitte enjoy a boat ride on the lake.


A view you can only get from the boat at Oeschinensee.

Cheryl enjoys views on the hike to the Frunden Hut.


Sagan and Riane
Sagan and Riane in front of a glacier at the Frunden Hut.

Melissa and John
Melissa and John recharge at the Frunden Hut. Pass the cheese please!


A beautiful spot to have lunch en route to the Blumisalp Hut.

Daniel reaches the Hohturli Pass.


A rare sunset at the Blumisalp Hut. The hike up was worth it after all!

steep descent
Ladders, ropes and chains are welcome aids for the steep descent from the Blumisalp Hut.


Ian takes a break on the way down from the Blulisalp Hut.

kissing bunnies
Christoph gets friendly with the farm animals.


cheese making
Rosie making cheese at Ober Bundalp

Fabulous desserts at Hotel Kiental!


Joanne helps Paul prepare for the big hike over the Sefinenfurgge Pass.

Swiss cow
The token Swiss cow photo.


Miya admires the view from the Sefinenfurgge Pass.

cycling maniac
The group watches in disbelief as a cyclist makes his way up to the Sefinenfurgge pass and beyond!


Rotstock ribs
We'll take menu "A" please! Paul looks forward to ribs and polenta at the Rotstock Hut.

The majestic Tanzbodeli.


Christoph and Andrew dig in to piles of whipped cream and meringue at Obersteinberg.

morning stretch
Stretching at sunrise.


Andrew and Christoph
Andrew and Christoph hanging out at Obersteinberg.

Above the Lauterbrunnen Valley on the way to the Schmadri Hut.


Spectacular waterfalls due to this year's heat wave!

Cool goggles, Thomas! Good job you read the equipment list carefully...


Cheers to a fabulous hike, fabulous weather, and a fabulous group of new friends!

Pictures are taken with an Olympus Camedia D-360L digital camera and uploaded during the tours.
Photo Album page

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