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2004 Scenic Tour Album, August 29 - September 7

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August 2004: Mary (USA), Alexey (Russia), Varvara (Russia), David (USA), and Chanin (USA) join us, Andrew (England) and Miya (USA), for our start in Kandersteg. Bronwyn (USA) meets up with us at Oeschinensee in time for our Hohturli Pass ascent, and Margie (USA), Karla (USA), Dani (Switzerland), Kleis (Holland), and Michael (Switzerland) catch up with us at Kiental for one of our most ecclectic group trips yet!

David and Chanin
David and Chanin above Oeschinensee.


Alexey and Varvara
Alexey and Varvara take a romantic boat ride on the lake by Hotel Oeschinensee.

Frunden Hut
Mary, David, and Chanin reach the Fründen Hütte on an optional day hike.


Mary, Bronwyn, and Miya on the way to the Blümlisalp Hut.

Our favorite lunch spot on the way to the Hohtürli Pass overlooking a glacier fall.


the pass
Mary and Miya rejoice at reaching the pass!

Mary is awestruck by views of the glacier near the Blümlisalp Hut.


Rose's last year at Ober Bundalp. Thanks for many years of wonderful cheese!

An optional hike to the top of the Gehrihorn overlooking Lake Thun.


Margie rethinks her packing job and ditches some weight before leaving Kiental!

steep descent
Dramatic views on the Sefinenfurgge Pass descent.


rest stop
The group takes a refreshing break before continuing to the Rotstock Hut.

Swiss dudes
Ladies! Reason to join an Ibex trek -- Miya with studly Swiss dudes, Michael and Dani.


hut life
Experiencing cozy hut life at the Rotstock Hütte.

the group
An official group shot in front of the Rotstock Hut.


above Lauterbrunnen
Mary, Margie, and Karla above the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Dani, Michael, Kleis and Bronwyn ready to boogie atop Tanzbödeli, "the dance floor".


Margie and Karla enjoy the terrace at Obersteinberg

Delicious desserts by candlelight at Obersteinberg


The lovely (and cold!) Oberhornsee.

Time for a nap at the Schmadri Hütte.


Bronwyn enjoys cooling mists of the lower Schmadribach waterfalls.

morning stretch
Our final meal together at Trachsellauenen


Kleis and Andrew
Kleis and Andrew with the Lauterbrunnen Valley behind.

Pictures are taken with an Olympus Camedia D-360L digital camera and uploaded during the tours.
Photo Album page

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