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2005 Tour Highlights Album, September 9 - September 21

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September 2005: Andrew (England/USA) and Kleis (Holland) started off the Ibex Treks tours this year with some heavy duty hiking (8 1/2 hours a day!). Geoffrey (England/USA) and Miya (USA) arrived in time for the start of the Scenic Tour and were joined a few days later by Ivo and Scintilla (Italy).

Kleis and Andrew
Kleis and Andrew make it to the cozy Blumisalp Hut after hiking through challenging weather!


from the Blumisalp
Views from the Blumisalp are stunning no matter what the weather is like.

Near Gspaltenhorn Hut
Swiss natives, Nicole and Ivo, follow Kleis to a snow patch between the Blümisalp and Rotstock Huts.


Rotstock arrival
Kleis, Andrew, Ivo and Nicole arrive at the Rotstock Hut.

Kleis points to the Lobhorner, a famous crag in the Bernese Oberland.


Andrew & Lobhorner
Andrew on a ridge near the Lobhorner in view of the Eiger and Mönch peaks.

Shwalmere Pass
Kleis approaching the Schwalmere Pass. Interlaken can be seen beyond and below.


Group Photo
Scintilla, Ivo, Andrew and Geoffrey -- geared up and ready to tackle the Sefinenfurke Pass.

Ivo and Scintilla are still smiling as they approach the pass!


Rotstock cozy
Enjoying the cozy atmosphere and anticipating an amazing meal at the Rotstock Hut.

Geoffrey and the cow
Geoffrey makes a new friend near Obersteinberg.


Cows parade down from high alpine meadows to the Lauterbrunnen Valley floor (dressed for the occasion, of course!)

Eiger North Face
Geoffrey stands before the magnificent Eiger North Face.


hut life
Spectacular views from Kleine Scheidegg -- the town of Grindelwald can be seen in the valley with the snow-capped Wetterhorn.


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