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2006 Tour Highlights Album, August 18 - August 25

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August 2006: Andrew (England/USA) and Miya (USA) met Ivo and Scintilla (Italy/Switzerland) in Lausanne and together made their way to Kiental to start this year's trek. Kleis (Holland), his daughter, Sophia, and Dani(Switzerland) joined them on the first day. Brigitte (Switzerland) came on board for a day as well!

group shot
Scintilla, Ivo, Dani, Kleis, Sophia and Andrew on a "warm up" hike for the upcoming trek.


Miya & Sophia
Miya & Sophia

first pass
Dani, Brigitte and Andrew at the first real pass between Kiental and Kandersteg.


A lunch stop on the way to Kandersteg.

Kandersteg arrival
Standing in front of the hotel in Kandersteg, Andrew points out the pass from where we came.


water test
Scintilla, Ivo and Andrew test out the waters at Oeschinensee.

Water's not so cold after all!.


Fründenhutte ascent
Kleis leaves Oeschinensee behind on his way to the Fründenhutte.

lake view
Andrew, Kleis, and Sophia admire the view above Oeschinensee.


Lunch in the Swiss Alps.

The Blümlisalphütte belittled by immense glacier falls.


hut view
The Blümlisalphütte can sleep 150 walkers and climbers!

Kleis and Andrew mark their way at the Hohturli Pass.


ridge walk
On the ridge heading towards Bundstock.

Bundstock descent
Miya makes her descent from Bundstock to Griesalp.


grande finale
Always a fantastic meal with Bart at Hotel Chalet in Kiental.


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