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2007 Zermatt Tour Album, August 29 - August 31

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August: Andrew (England/USA) and Miya (USA) met Kleis (Holland) and his daughter, Sophia (Holland), in Zermatt to take them over a Pass through a spectacular area.

Miya and Kleis on route in Zermatt area


Our friendly remote Hotel

Just the view out the window!


Above the clouds with the majestic Matterhorn Mt.

Miya's self portrait


High Zermatt scenery near Gornergrat

looking down on the Gorner Glacier, with the Liskamm Mt behind.


Great view!

Kleis posing! View looking back.


Chamois deer.

Sophia taking more chamois photo's


Path through the boulders

Kleis near the Pass


On the Pass at last. Alphubel and Taschhorn Mts behind

From our Pass, the Weisshorn Mt


Andrew descending slowly on slippery rocks and snow

Kleis and Sophia striding down the valley


Photo Album page

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