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2008 Scenic Tour Album, September 3 - September 12

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August 2008: Andrew England/USA tour leader, Lee USA, Keith USA, Jeff USA (took many of the photos below) Ivo and Scintilla Italy/Suisse, Ivo and Nicole Suisse, and Barbara Suisse.

Relaxing after our first day hike! Not a bad view either


Barbara, Lee, Jeff, and Keith ready to go!

Entering wild terrain. Morganhorn behind


En route to our first Pass. With the Blumlisalp range

Keith on the Sefinnenfukke Pass. Eiger in the background


Cheers! Andrew, Lee, Ivo, Scintilla, and Keith

Ivo (from Suisse) has Meringue for lunch!!


Foot bridge over glacier water. Near Obersteinberg. Andrew, Keith, Nicole, and Ivo

Nicole and Ivo posing!


The amazing Lauterbrunnental

Jeff in the valley. Briethorn Mountain behind


Refreshment at Mannlichen. Monch and Jungfrau Mountains

Posing at Mannlichen. With Eiger North Face


Hiking to Kleine Scheidegg. Monch in the background

Monchjochhutte near the Jungfraujoch


Taking the back way! Wild terrain en route to the Faulhorn

Hagelseeli (lake) en route to the Faulhorn


A well deserved beer!! Faulhorn terrace

Cheese Fondue for dinner


Late sun on the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau

In the clouds! Descent from the Faulhorn


Back in civilisation. Wilderswil station

Photo Album page

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