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This is a collection of photos from Ibex Treks' summer 1998 advanced tour, from 5 August through 13 August. Participants include: Trek leader Andrew Sanders, assistant trek leader Miya Endo, and participants Heather Lyster, Laura Lyster, Kyle Crossland, Kelly Crossland, and Dave Ciskowski.


Group on pass
Group pauses on pass, with Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau behind. From left: Laura, Heather, Kelly, Kyle, Dave, Miya.


Moonrise over Jungfraujoch
Moon rises between Monch and Jungfrau.

Group in front of Lobhorner
Group rests with friend in front of Lobhorner.


Group on Schwalmere Pass
Group pauses on Schwalmere Pass. From left: Laura, Dave, Andrew, Kelly, Heather, Kyle.

Group on Kanxel Pass
Two passes in one day! Group rests on the Kanxel Pass.


Climbing towards the Sefinenfurke Pass
Climbing the switchbacks towards the Sefinenfurke Pass.

Posing on the Sefinenfurke Pass
Ho hum, another pass! Group poses on the Sefinenfurke Pass.


Modeling on the pass
What's that picture on her shirt? Miya poses on the pass.

Hanging out at Rotstock Hut
Dangerous characters hanging out at Rotstock Hut!


Group gets damp under waterfall
If we have to carry our rain gear all this way, we're going to wear it even if the weather is perfect!

Lunch near Spitzhorn
Group has lunch with newfound friend Dean near Spitzhorn.


High path to Obersteinberg
Traversing the high path to Obersteinberg.

Enjoying Oberhornsee
I think my toes are going numb! Enjoying the cold water of Oberhornsee.


Near Schmadribach falls
Group enjoys a restful day after eating blueberries near Schmadribach falls.

Lower Schmadribach falls
Posing on the bridge near the lower Schmadribach falls.


Posing on Jungfraujoch
We're on top of Europe! Miya, Kelly, Kyle, Laura, Dave, and Heather pose on Jungfraujoch.

Group in front of Jungfrau
Group stands on the glacier, in front of the Jungfrau. From left: Andrew, Kyle, Kelly, Dave, Laura, and Heather.


Jungfraujoch Ice Palace
Traffic jam in the Jungfraujoch Ice Palace!

Group near Milibach stream
Where is that trail? Waiting for guidance by the Milibach.


Group in front of Bachsee
Group contemplates the still grey waters of Bachsee.

Kelly and Dave on the road
Kelly and Dave on the move to the Faulhorn, with Bachsee behind.


Overlooking Interlaken
Group looks over Interlaken. We've got to hike all the way down there?

Relaxing in Wilderswil
We've come full circle! Group relaxes after returning to Wilderswil.


Checking out the map in Hotel Steinbock
We hiked how far? Checking out the map after dinner in Hotel Steinbock.

Pictures are taken with an Epson PhotoPC 500 digital camera and emailed to the webmaster in the US.
Photo Album page

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