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21 July 1998: We now have photos from the 1998 basic treks.

Lunch at the Doldenhorn hut
The group (Chris, Mark, Phil, Mary Ann, and leader Andrew) having lunch at the Doldenhorn hut, a side hike on the way to Oeschinensee. Mmm, Swiss chocolate!


View from Doldenhorn hut
View from the Doldenhorn hut toward Oeschinensee. Mary Ann, Phil, Miya, Mark, and Chris.

Resting on the way to Oeschinensee
On the path to Oeschinensee. Chris, Mark and Phil on a bench taking a breather!


Waterfall near Oeschinensee
A beautiful waterfall on the day hike from Oeschinensee. Mark and Mary Ann with leader Andrew.

Edelweiss near Oeschinensee -- a rare find by Miya.


At Unter Bergli, on the way to Blumlisalp hut
The group at Unter Bergli on the way to the Blumlisalp hut from Oeschinensee.

Mary Ann with friend
Hi there! Mary Ann with a friendly cow at Ober Bergli.


A steep path near Blumlisalp
Mary Ann on a steeper path on the way to the Blumlisalp hut.

Lunching near glacier fall
The group having lunch by a glacier fall on the way to the Blumlisalp hut.


Atop the Hohrturli Pass
Mark, Phil, Mary Ann, Chris, and leader Andrew on the Hohrturli Pass. Finally!

View from Blumlisalp hut towards Sefinenfurke
View from the Blumlisalp hut looking towards Sefinenfurke.


Mark and Mary Ann at a waterfall
Mark and Mary Ann catching negative ions under a waterfall before lunch on the way to Griesalp.

Andrew making friends
Leader Andrew, taking a chocolate break on the way to the Rotstock hut with his new girlfriends.


Doug and Miya on the Sefinenfurke Pass
Doug and Miya on the Sefinenfurke Pass with the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau behind. Wow!

Lunch between Stechelberg and Obersteinberg
Andrew, Doug, Bill, and Janice having lunch on their way to Obersteinberg from Stechelberg.


The Schmadribach Falls
The Schmadribach Falls near Obersteinberg drop 300 meters.

Rock climbing near Oberhornsee
The group (Doug, Bill, Andrew, and Janice) rock climbing near Oberhornsee Lake. The Breithorn and Tschingelhorn mountains behind.


Another view of the Schmadribach falls
The group (Bill, Janice, Doug, and Miya) in front of the Schmadribach Falls between Oberhornsee and Trachsellauenen. Magnificent!

Cooling down near Schmadribach falls
Bill and Andrew in front of the Schmadribach cooling down with turbulent air and spray.


Zig-zag path from Wengen to Mannlichen
Miya and Doug on the zig-zag path from Wengen to Mannlichen.

the Eiger Trail
Andrew and Doug beside a waterfall near the Eiger Trail, close to Alpiglen.


On the terrace at Alpiglen
Miya on the terrace at Alpiglen.

Pictures are taken with an Epson PhotoPC 500 digital camera and emailed to the webmaster in the US.
Photo Album page

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