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1999 Basic Tour Album, 1-5 July

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July 1999: Our tours have started again! The first basic tour of the 1999 season started on July 1.

above Kandersteg
Hiking to Oeschinensee, Kandersteg in the valley below.


Oeschinensee (lake)
Jenny, Don, and Miya by Oeschinensee lake, hotel in the distance.

Oeschinensee breakfast
Breakfast on the hotel terrace. Another beautiful day!


admiring the view
Jenny, Andrew, and Don admiring the view of Freundenhorn on the day hike.

day hike view
View of the hotel on a day hike from Oeschinensee.


Don and Andrew enjoy the refreshing coolness of a waterfall.

hut in the distance
Jenny and Don at the picnic site. The hut still looks so small!


snow on the pass
Snow leading to the Hohturli Pass! Early season conditions.

cozy mountain hut
Ready for bed! Dormitory-style acccommodation in the mountain hut.


hut breakfast
Breakfast in the hut. All wood dining room!

the windy pass
Don and Jenny leaving the Blumisalp hutte at the Hohturli pass.


do the spider!!
Descending steep snow field. Don's spider technique keeps him safe!

fresh milk
Fresh milk and homemade cheese at Ober Bundalp.


home at last!
Hot, orgasmic showers in Kiental! Rooms with great views! What a dinner! We made it!

Pictures are taken with an Epson PhotoPC 500 digital camera and emailed to the webmaster in the US.
Photo Album page

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