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1999 Basic Tour Album, July 11-15

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July 11, 1999: Clete, Sherry, Allison, Sarah, Jackie, Gary, Chad and Maureen joined us for the second tour of the season.

dinner in Kandersteg
Dinner in Kandersteg. What a great way to start!


Maureen, Andrew, Sherry, Sarah, Chad, Allison, Gary, Jackie, Clete
Which way do we go? Yellow signposts show us the way through the Swiss Alps.

friendly cows
Sarah and Allison with their new Swiss friends.


day hike to the Freunden Hut
Maureen and Chad on their way to the Freunden Hut.

a flowery path
Wild rhodedendrun in full bloom. Oeschinensee (lake) below. Day hike to the Freunden Hut.


View of glacier from the Freunden Hut. Andrew, Chad, and Maureen.

mountain dog
Maureen with ferocious beast at high elevation. (Maybe he'll carry my pack!)


the Bernese flag
Chad and Maureen with Oeschinensee below.

a refreshing dip
Andrew, Chad, and Maureen enjoy the cool waters of Oeschinensee after a long day hike.


Ober Bergli
The group takes a chocolate break at Ober Bergli.

the group
Sarah, Allison, Maureen, Jackie, Gary, Sherry, and Clete.


ridge walk
Are we there yet? Spectacular walk to the Blumisalp Hut.

roped up
The group demonstrates good mountaineering technique as they rope up for a steep ascent through snow.


Hohturli Pass!
Sherry and Maureen at Hohturli Pass. "I can't believe we made it!"

in the clouds
The group at Blumisalp Hut.


Maureen, Sherry, Clete, Gary, Jackie, Allison, Sarah, Chad, Andrew
Ready for the steep descent into Kiental valley.

the Dunden falls
The photo opportunities never end!


Isabel, Hilde, and Janine
Beautiful blondes greet us in Kiental!

Pictures are taken with an Epson PhotoPC 500 digital camera and emailed to the webmaster in the US.
Photo Album page

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