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1999 Basic Tour Album, July 16-19

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July 16, 1999: Clete, Sherry, Allison, and Sarah (July 11-15) said their "goodbyes" in Kiental. Jackie, Gary, Chad and Maureen carried on to the next valley with leaders, Andrew and Miya.

view from Gehrihorn
Andrew, Chad, and Maureen on top of the Gehrihorn near Kiental during optional day hike. Thunersee (lake) in the background.


Ober Durrenberg
Swiss cow checks out Jackie and friends at Ober Durrenberg.

the Sefinenfurke stairmaster
Jackie and Gary approaching the Sefinenfurke Pass.


the suffering Sefinenfurke
The group with our new friends from Zurich, Andreas and Sonja (send us e-mail!) at the Sefinenfurke Pass.

Gary takes the quick way down to Boganggenalp.


Andrew and Chad beside old winter avalanche snow.

sunset on the Ebnefluh and Mittaghorn (mountains)
Maureen, Chad, and Andrew at sundown by the Rotstockhutte.


chocolate break!
Refreshments in the Sefinental (valley).

a Bart-style dessert
Andrew and Chad enjoy meringue and fresh cream (lots of it!) at Obersteinberg.


where's the bridge?
Day hike to Oberhornsee (lake). Avalanche snow hides bridge (what a winter!).

Chad, Miya, and Maureen beside Oberhornsee (lake).


Schmadribach Falls
Gary's optional day hike. He really knows how to enjoy himself!

middle Schmadribach
Miya and Maureen enjoy a bit of cool, natural air conditioning!


lower Schmadribach
Chad poses.

coupe Trachsellauenen
Mmm! Ice cream sundaes -- a great reward after nine days of hiking! (Gary and Jackie)

Pictures are taken with an Epson PhotoPC 500 digital camera and emailed to the webmaster in the US.
Photo Album page

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