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1999 Basic Tour Album, September 26-30

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July 16, 1999: Rob and Libby joined us on September 26th for a 5 day tour. Swiss natives from Basel, Dani and Kathy, joined us for a couple of days at Oeschinensee Lake.

Oeschinensee day hike
Rob, Libby, Kathy, and Dani on a day hike from Oeschinensee (lake).


lake window
Scenic view with lake and mountain backdrop.

mountain reflections
Evening sunshine reflecting on the waters of Oeschinensee.


Miya, Libby & Rob
Leaving Oeschinensee, looking fresh!

feeling altitude
We're feeling the altitude now! Glacier and sandwiches for lunch.


looking back to Kandersteg
The long, shingly path. Not much further!

Andrew, Rob and Libby
On the pass! Another 10 minutes to a cozy hut and helicopter-supplied beer on tap!


virgin footsteps
Rob casually standing on his first glacier.

The setting sun creating bright windows on peaks in the Kiental valley.


the welcome seat
Steep descent from the Hohturli Pass. A hike down to the clouds!

the real stairmaster
Rob and Libby descending steep stairs -- carefully!


Rob on an alpine meadow in the low cloud.

Photo Album page

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