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Heading up to the Faulhorn

Fitness Requirements

Ibex Treks offers several tour options. Each tour provides for a different level of physical fitness. Moreover, each tour offers optional hikes and rest days, so each hiker can tailor the experience to his or her preference.

Scenic Tour

A high level of physical fitness is not necessary. However, the average 4 hours walking per day is spread out over the whole day and will sometimes involve hiking at 8 and 9 thousand feet (2700-2800 meters). The altitude will make the hikes seem more tiring. Obviously, the fitter the guests the easier it will be to walk in the mountains. It also gives guests the choice of more adventurous options during the tour. Previous guests ages have varied between 6 and 75 years old.

Steep ascent to the Sefinenfurke pass

Challenge Tour and Mountain Bike and Hike Tour

Guests will have to be fit to participate in these tours. An average hiking time of 7 hours per day (4 hours of cycling per day for the bike tour) means that stopping and relaxing during the day is limited (allow another hour or so for stops and breaks). A steady pace has to be maintained in order to cover the distances necessary. Guests should be used to regular work-outs and exercise in order to enjoy the physical side of the tour. The reward for the physical stresses is remoteness and wilder scenery.

During the Mountain Bike tour we will sometimes arrive at our hotel or guest-house at about mid-day. Early arrival will enable an afternoon hike to explore the local surroundings, for a combination bike/hike tour.

Ibex Challenge Self Guided Tour

Guests will have to be fit to participate in this tour. There will be an average hiking time of 6 and a half hours between hotels. This does not include lunches or chocolate breaks (allow 8 hours). A steady pace will have to be maintained to cover the distances between the hotels. Guests will better enjoy the tour if they are fit and used to regular workouts. The optional hikes we have designed for each area will allow guests the choice of either a challenging hike or a rest day. See the itinerary for details.

Grindelwald Glacier

Highlight, Scenic and Budget Self Guided Tours

If guests take the easy options in the itinerary (about 2 to 4 hours walking per day), a high level of fitness will not be necessary. Individuals will be able to tailor the tour to their personal fitness level. Various lifts, trains and buses are available to make the trip easier (not included in the price). Fit participants can take the strenuous options, especially on the days that the tour stays in a an area a second day), and enjoy the much longer hikes of 6 to 8 hours. These longer optional hikes would be for guests used to regular strenuous workouts.

Zermatt Tour

The Zermatt tour differs from the other tours in that we will stay in the same hotel each night, with day hikes to different location in the Zermatt area. Because of this, individuals can tailor the tour to their personal fitness level. Those wishing for an easier day can select easier paths, take a train for parts of a hike, or even use a day to rest or explore Zermatt itself. If instead an individual prefers a more strenuous day, more difficult paths or longer hike options are often available.

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