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September 2006: Glenna and Bob followed an Ibex Treks self-guided tour in September of 2006. Below are photos reflecting their trip (most captions provided by Glenna). To see a more comprehensive collection of Glenna's photos, visit her website at www.glennphotos.net.

Bachsee lake near Grindelwald.

Panoramic view from Faulhorn.

Bob hiking from the Faulhorn towards Bachsee Lake.


Our first dinner in Grindelwald turned out to be a five course meal. This was the main course. It tasted even better than it looked.

hotel display
Many of the hotels have little displays near their stairs.


The food there was wonderful. This is a portion of the breakfast in Grindelwald. There were also several assortments of bread, fruits and jams.

At Männlichen we walked to a lookout and were able to see and hear this man playing the horn. Very "Switzerland".


I was told that July was the best month for wild flowers. However, we were not lacking in the flowers we saw.

On our way to our hotel in Wengen, I spied this little planter.


The Weisselütschine River in Lauterbrunnen.

A typical Swiss dessert made from chestnuts called "vermicelli" or "little worms".


A Swiss salad.

This is a bridge on the trail from Mürren to Lauterbrunnen. This day was a little overcast of foggy, but we loved this hike.


On the trail from Mürren to Lauterbrunnen I saw this mushroom up on the hillside. It was about the size of a baseball cap.

I think the fog on this morning gave the forrest an even more beautiful look.


We opted for the Scenic Self-guided tour. We carried everything in our backpacks. We washed our clothes at night and wore the same clothes everyday. I'm 55 and a bit overweight, but I managed quite well.


Photo Album page

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