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1999 Self-guided Tour Album

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We now have photos from some of our self-guided tour participants! Ricky and Maura participated in our Basic Self-guided Tour of the Bernese Oberland. After their trip, they picked out a few photos to add to our website.

Ricky and Maura's Self-guided Tour

"Here are a few photos from our Self Guided Tour in the Grindelwald, Wengen, Mürren, Kandersteg region from July. I've got about 100 pictures, but these are some of the ones we enjoyed the most...We truly enjoyed ourselves even though we modified the tour to do more sightseeing in the towns than actual heavy duty hiking. That really is the beauty of going on a self guided tour. The option to have a lazy day is there! One thing we took advantage of was the ability to forward our heavy backpacks ahead so that we could spend the day hiking to our next destination without carrying tons on our backs (see baggage transport under Descriptive Itineraries). We're more novice hikers, so this made the trip more enjoyable than if we had our big packs." -- Maura and Ricky

Ricky at Grindelwald


Maura at First

On the Jungfraujoch
"We had the most perfect day as you can see. Not a cloud and the views were unbelievable."


Wengen view
"The view from our room at the Hotel Falken. That was our favorite town, view, hiking, etc. The proprietors of the hotel were wonderful."

Kleine Scheidegg
"Ricky & I point to this day as our favorite because we lazed around in Kleine Schiedegg after we came back from Jungfrau. We loved having lunch outside in shorts & t-shirts after being bundled up not 1 hour earlier at the top of the mountain."


Ricky and Maura
"On a trail on the way to Bachsee Lake."

Ricky on a day hike from Oeschinensee (lake).


"On a trail around Oeschinensee Lake. Apparently, art students had carved tree stumps just before we got there. There were some really impressive things to be seen!"

Photo Album page

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