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Descriptive Itineraries

Ibex Treks offers eight basic itineraries:

  • Bernese Oberland Guided Scenic Tour
  • Bernese Oberland Guided Challenge Tour
  • Bernese Oberland Self Guided Highlight Tour
  • Bernese Oberland Self Guided Ibex Challenge Tour
  • Bernese Oberland Self Guided Scenic Tour
  • Bernese Oberland Self Guided Budget Tour
  • Bernese Oberland Self Guided Mountain Bike and Hike Tour
  • Zermatt Self Guided Tour

    For more information on the dates and prices of the tours, see the Dates & Prices page.

    Baggage Transport

    Although Ibex Treks does not offer direct baggage transportation, it is possible to send extra bags by rail from village hotel to village hotel. Guests will have to allow 48 hours, depending on the village's situation, for the baggage to arrive. This system works really well when guests are combining their hiking with another vacation, and can send luggage not needed for the hiking to their end destination. Ibex Treks will personally supervise guests with their baggage by rail transport when they are on the guided tours, or give specific details on procedure for the self-guided tours. Please note: Some of our higher altitude accommodation is only supplied by helicopter! (cost per bag for each transport = CHF 12 or about US $10.00)


    Private groups wishing to plan an alternative itinerary that suits their own particular budget or physical needs, are invited to discuss their ideas with Ibex Treks. The bookings of such a private tour can be organized with sufficient notice. Our extensive knowledge of the Bernese Oberland enables a wide range of possible itinerary changes.

    The Accommodation

    Example of village hotel The tours take advantage of the friendly Swiss hospitality available on route in the mountains and valleys. The high standard of mountain accommodation is appreciated as we sample the various hotels, guest houses, and mountain huts. Some of these places have offered guests there unique hospitality for a hundred years or more, which certainly adds to the special atmosphere one can appreciate. Over the years Ibex Treks has established a personal relationship with the families that run the various accommodation. Our guests will feel this special friendship. After a physical day of hiking, healthy food is important. Our chosen accommodation provide excellent meals, catering specifically for outdoor appetites.

    Example of Mountain Guest House The hotels are usually situated in the valleys or near small villages. They are family run, giving our guests a more "homey" service. The hotels provide excellent double rooms, most having "en suite" facilities.

    The guest houses or mountain hotels will normally be situated amidst the high pastures or meadows, or in the forest. These wooden chalet style buildings are characteristic of Swiss traditional architecture. Hot showers are provided (with exceptions). Double rooms or dormitories are available.

    Example of Mountain hut The mountain huts are stone built and used mostly by climbers as a base from where they ascend the local mountains. Due to the remoteness and altitude of these mountain huts, the accommodation has simple dormitory style sleeping arrangements only, without running hot water! (no showers). However, the beautiful huts offer incredible views and a cosy atmosphere, and with luck, a fantastic sunset.

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