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Andrew Danni   Kleis




Andrew Ibex Treks specialises in hiking trips in the Bernese Oberland, and Zermatt areas of Switzerland.

Most of the Guided Tours are led by Andrew and his good friends and assistants.

A knowledge of the area has built over 25 years, first by mountaineering and climbing, and then by hiking in the area. By continually expanding, putting together a network of routes, Andrew's team caters to all levels of fitness, accommodation standards, and budget needs.

Guests can hike 7 to 8 hours per day, or 2 to 3 hours per day, or alternate the hours hiking from day to day. The same goes for the accommodation. 3 and 4 star hotels are possible, or guest houses, or Mountain huts (cabins), on a day to day basis. Our extensive knowledge allows for variation, whether it's Self guided or Guided trips.

Bart Originally coming from Plymouth, England, Andrew's love for the Swiss Alps became such an attraction that at one time he spent 6 months of the year over 10 years in Switzerland. For 4 years he worked in Swiss ski school,and in the summer worked for various hiking companies before finally arriving at Ibex Treks. Mountaineering and rock climbing used to play an active role. Lately the easier Mountain tops will sometimes beckon Andrew to a peak, or the attraction of the odd glacier tour.

Bart demonstrates good oral hygiene

Bart's love of the mountains grew from an early age when summers were spent in Switzerland with his parents. He comes originally from Holland, close to the German border. Like so many Dutch people Bart speaks 5 different languages! Bart has been working throughout the Himalayas for the last 25 years, and has become an expert trekking guide in Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan and India. Currently he is based in Copenhagen with his family. We are honored to get his help when he is free!

Kleis & his son Casper

Danni Kleis and Danni are really good friends and often accompany our trips. Kleis is from Holland and Danni a native Swiss. Both are extremely fit and add hugely to morale and social activity with a great sense of humor. Both have traveled the world, however their modesty and experience adds a relaxed confidence to the group. Amongst other sports, they enjoy tennis, golf, skiing, snow boarding, rock climbing, and kite surfing.

Updated 1 March 2019
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