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Mountain Bike and Hike Self Guided Tour Itinerary

The Mountain Bike and hike tour is a Self Guided Tour. See also the Dates & Prices page.

Beside Tschingel Lake in the Kiental valley This tour combines biking and hiking while covering a large area of the Bernese Oberland in a relatively short time. Clothing etc. will have to be carried on the bike in saddle bags (8-10 kilos (15-20 lbs.) maximum (see equipment list). Most of the biking will be over small paved roads, although when you reach your hotel alternative tracks will make it possible to explore the area without bags. We will supply topographical maps showing the best biking routes from hotel to hotel, and the most scenic hiking in each area.

Some hotels are situated amidst breath-taking hiking scenery. This will make it possible to hike most afternoons, combine a hike with biking, or enjoy a hike where biking is not possible.

Sometimes the terrain is extremely steep, and can require an uphill ride of 1-2 hours continuously. Guests will have to have had previous experience on mountain bikes, and be fit. (See fitness requirements.) We recommend guests bring their own bikes, but it is possible to rent really good quality bikes from a sport shop next to your first hotel in Kandersteg.


Day 1

Double rooms.



Arrive in Kandersteg 1176 m. Time of arrival would determine the possibility of a bike tour or hike, etc.Arrange bike rental if necessary.

Day 2


Kandersteg to Selden

Kandersteg 1176 m. to Selden 1552 m. Relatively easy day with an optional hike in the afternoon. The Gasterntal (valley) has steep cliffs with numerous cascading waterfalls spilling down on either side. You stay in a small family run hotel.

Day 3


Selden to Griesalp

Selden 1552 m. to Griesalp 1408 m. A longer day mostly downhill to begin with, then it's all uphill to Kiental. The terrain gradually becomes more mountainous as you climb up the valley to Kiental. From Kiental the climb steepens. The last section of road up to Griesalp is extremely steep.

Day 4


Kiental valley

Griesalp area

Griesalp Day Trip. Remaining in the Griesalp area to combine a Mountain bike trip with a hike to explore the area, and of course to enjoy our hotel's hospitality and food! Optional Rest Day or bike/hike, or hike.Griesalp offers many possibilities.

Day 5


Griesalp to Giessbach

Griealp 1408 m. to Giessbach 757 m. Another long day but not too strenuous. Returning to the main valley and follow the road around lake Thun then to Interlaken. From here you follow the Brienzersee road to Giessbach, the most luxurious hotel on the trip (five stars). This old, but newly renovated hotel is famous for its waterfalls and view overlooking the lake. Optional afternoon hike around Giessbach area.

Day 6


Giessbach to Rosenlaui

Giessbach 757 m. to Rosenlaui 1328 m. A gentle descent leads to the lake shore. You swing up the valley passing small farms to Meiringen. From Meiringen a steep and varied ascent leads to a gradual meander up the valley to Rosenlaui. Optional afternoon hike.

Day 7


Rosenlaui to Trachsellauenen

Rosenlaui 1328 m. to Trachsellauenen 1203 m. A final steep ascent leads towards Grosse Scheidegg 1962 m., a pass with incredible views of the Grindelwald valley. A long descent enables you to leisurely admire the breath taking scenery on the way. We recommend you break for lunch in Grindelwald 1034 m. Continuing down the valley to Zweilütschinen 655 m. you head back up the valley to Lauterbrunnen 795 m. Following the valley surrounded by steep 650 m. cliffs, we finally reach a beautiful family run Mountain hotel. Dump the bike and spend the afternoon on a hike to explore the area.
  Lauterbrunnen valley

Leaving the area

From your hotel, a 40 minute cycle ride will take guests to Lauterbrunnen where trains will take them and their bikes to all destinations. Alternatively to cycle to Interlaken would only take about 1 hour 30 minutes. From Interlaken all major cities and airports can be reached.


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